Sunday, December 2, 2012

SmackDown Vs Raw 2011 Pc Game Full Version Free Download

Snack Down Vs Raw 2011

 Screen Shot

WWE smackdown vs raw 2011 free download full version pc game

The new feature in this game is that the physical movement of objects which looks like realastic, We can throw out ladder, Chairs, Belts and boxes too, We can also move out from ring and fight at another place like near to the screen , in audience and in main ring, The audience continuously appreciate the wrestler they like, Well the game is much interesting, The good thing in this game is that WWE smackdown vs raw 2011 is  providing more then 70 super stars which makes the game more interesting, Each super star have their own fight style, Their own Locks and their own Styles.
If you are a beginner, You don’t have much experience in the game wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 or else you haven’t played the previous versions of game then you should start this game from ” WWE univers ” Actually this is a new mod featured in this game which is made for newbies and for beginners, This basically a good combination of old carrier and exhibitions which awards player with good rankings, If you became expert in this game then you can make your own match and start play,
  If we talk about the controls and gameplay then i don’t have checked the controls but there is one punch button, once kick/shoulder, and one lock button, We can do tricks with game like swinging with wires, Jumping back, Flying kicks etc,
 So today in rockpaki i’m going to post a free link to download WWE smackdown vs raw 2011 free download full version pc game , Click the download button below to download the game free.
well the game runs very smoothly and having good features but it don’t requires high system requirements, You need “Atleast ” pentium 4 computer with 1.6 Gega hertz processor, 256 mb of ram and directx. 

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