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free download delta force 2 for pc

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Delta Force 2 It will keep you on the edge of your seat and tuned to the action at all times.

n the original Delta Force, you played as a soldier in the US Army's elite commando and counterterrorist military force. The game overcame its graphical shortcomings by delivering top-notch action in both single- and multiplayer modes. Apparently NovaLogic was willing to bet on the same horse again, as Delta Force 2 uses yet another voxel-based graphics engine, but like its predecessor, its gameplay is good enough to buoy its less-than-stellar visuals.
Delta Force 2 offers around 45 single-player missions, including 25 sorties split between two campaigns and 20 stand-alone scenarios, in which you must prove yourself against large and heavily armed terrorist armies. In most cases, you'll work alone or with a handful of computer-controlled support teams. Most scenarios involve a clandestine attack-and-destroy mission against enemy bases, though many also include hostage rescue, recovery of stolen assets, and other commando-style objectives. The game also contains a powerful mission editor that lets you craft complex scenarios with relative ease and even provides thorough documentation for it.
The mission design in Delta Force 2 is generally excellent. Not only are most scenarios more difficult than the missions in the original, but they also seem realistic and believable. Although some are definitely influenced by Hollywood (one stand-alone mission conjured memories of the train attack scene in Lawrence of Arabia, for example), even these are a lot of fun from beginning to end.
Gameplay is very similar to the original Delta Force; once again, it emphasizes lots of long-range sniping punctuated by the occasional close-quarters ballet of full-auto panic fire. In many missions, you can work your way slowly towards the objective by moving and sniping until only a handful of indoor defenders remains. In other missions, time is more of a factor. Direct assaults are almost always a sure recipe for disaster, despite the game's ludicrously dangerous default mission waypoints. For this reason, most missions tend to last awhile - 30 to 45 minutes on the average. Also, you cannot save during a mission, so a lucky shot fired by the final bad guy requires you to start over from the beginning. Another potential problem is a glitch that lets some enemies see and shoot you through wooden or even stone walls. Fortunately, this bug only reared its head on a handful of missions, and always in the same place, but it will undoubtedly irk some players.
Yet another possible problem is the graphics engine. By using the enhanced Voxel Space 32 3D engine, NovaLogic made a design decision that adversely affected both Delta Force 2's gameplay and its viability on store shelves. Because the game uses grainy voxels instead of crisp polygons, much of the long-range combat in the game boils down to hunting for moving pixels. Also, because of the exclusively 32-bit graphics engine, Voodoo3 owners are left out in the cold: The game will only take advantage of hardware acceleration (which really only affects objects like trees, buildings, and vehicles anyway) on 3D cards based upon 32-bit graphics chips.

System Requirement

 Ram: 128 Mb
 Video Card: 32 Mb

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