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Download pc game Police Force 2012

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Police Force 2012  – Police Force 2012 , Combat city crime and experience law enforcement like never before. This is a simulation game where you are going to be a police officer who will be tasked with securing the situation of the city. Start of patrols, raids of people, to pursue a criminal pursuit. Not bad for ya fill the empty time and relieving boredom. Please who want to try.

History of police in his own world very long, starting from ancient Roman times. the word comes from the police – POLITE word meaning “the city government – city” at that job security was the responsibility of the Roman army when not in battle, this is the forerunner of GENDARMES (military police).

It is true there is a new police force since the 1800′s in England at the time of renting the landlord to keep his or her area of ??the attacks of robbers, and when England united (Wales, Scotland, Britain, Ireland) each – each of these countries under the King of England agreed to form a police force England, which is known as “Boby” with a distinctive hat and always on foot patrol around the city, and stories – stories detective their imaginary essay “Sherlock Holmes” which was their ancient detective picture

When speaking in the film, especially the police – we certainly remembered action film – live action cop them, but we must wonder if we watch the movie “Fugitive” is a cop who plays “MARSHALL”, if you see the “LAST TRAIN” existing “POLICE TRAIN” if film “BAD BOYS” we see “the LA PD and DEA” and “ALL MAN PRESIDENT” no police “or NS SECRET SERVICE” and “Silence of the Lamb” no “FBI” . How many types of police actually does in the United States? Do not be surprised , there’s more than 200 police agencies who have the task of fighting crime.

we question how to organize them all and if not overlapping law enforcement duties? was not well, they are often coordinated with the rules and stick to their tasks – one, (although it should be recognized in some cases overlap), for example, the LA PD is under the government of California is only in charge of enforcing the law on the state of California, with rule of law their own, if there is cross-border crimes suspect they handled the FBI (Federal Berra of Investigation) by using the National Act. Usually the FBI handle the case – the case – the case of general crime (do not cover the other cases as well).

The FBI itself is under the “DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE”, if there is drug problem DEA (Drugs Enforcement Agencies) under the Ministry of Justice, if the issue Guns, alcohol and cigarettes there Berra of ALCOHOL, TOBACCO and Firearms (AFT), the problem of runaway prisoners (MARSHALL), the problem of illegal immigration (INS), finance (SS), New york local Police (NY PD), the Coast Guard (COAST GUARD) and many more.

In other countries such as Italy ITALY even there are 2 police: Crabbiness under the defense department, and under department PLAZA each – each very complicated if we think about it …?

As in Italy the police there are two institutions are also not a barrier, so they compete who is the best in dealing with community problems, so if people stolen in Italy they are free to choose where the police are considered the most good, whether or PLAZA crabbiness.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirement
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
Processor with 2.5 GHz
DirectX 9-compatible PC graphic card (at least Ge Force 6/Redone X1300 or comparable) with 256 MB RAM
5 GB free hard disk capacity


Recommended Requirement
Dual-Core processor with 2 GHz
DirectX 9-compatible PC graphic card (at least Ge Force 8 or comparable) with 512 MB RAM
DirectX 9-compatible PC graphic card (at least Ge Force 6/Redone X1300 or comparable) with 256 MB RAM
5 GB free hard disk capacity
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 Installation Method!

 1. Mount/Burn ISO file
 2. Run Setup.ex
 3. Play

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