Sunday, December 2, 2012

Counter strike 1.6 Pc Game Full Version Free Download

Counter Strike 1.6 Final [PC Full Game]+[With Bots]+[Maps]+[English]


 Counter-Strike 1.6

 Para você que gosta de Counter-Strike 1.6, mas nunca soube exatamente achar e concluir o download corretamente. Aqui mesmo neste torrent, disponibilizo o download e também um tutorial para você entender melhor o processo de tudo o que você tem que fazer para poder jogar corretamente Cs 1.6 No Steam no seu PC e Online.

 1 The installation file "CS16" is in Russian language, so if your OS does not have the Russian language pack in place of the letters appeared the question mark (?????)
 If you experience any errors during installation, click "Ignore" and continue.

 2 You must install the files in the order of numbering of the files, noting that the default directory of all the files should always be "C: Program FilesValve," except for "sXeInjectedSetup.8.9.Fix.4" which is installed in the default directory it, without amendment.

 3 The installation of Zbot is optional, it is for you to play against the CPU if the connection drops or you are without internet. If you want to install it remember to change the installation directory that it defaults to "C: Program FilesHalf-life" to "C: Program FilesValve"

System Requirements


 500 MHz processor,
 96 MB RAM.


 2048 MHz processor,
 256 MB RAM,
 32 MB graphics card.


To Download : Click Here 

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