Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Midtown Madness 1 PC Game Full Version Free Download

Midtown Madness has been my favourite game for several years. Its addictive gameplay will grab any gamer spending countless hours towards Midtow Madness, especially its online mode. Though over the years, the old Midtown Madness community has decreased in numbers, so you would get a lot from playing online. Though, its single player will please you. So get ready to have a driving experience like never before.

Midtown Madness is your ordinary Test Drive, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed or Nascar game. Its a game that almost completely different than any mentioned above. Whats different about the tracks in the game is that each track is a completely different course, instead every single track in the game is based off of Chicago with limitations to where to go in the selected course. It a neat new thing to the racing genre.

There four modes, cruise, blitz, checkpoint, circuit and cops robbers mode. Cruise mode is when you cruise around Chicago freely doing whatever you want like crashing cars, getting chased by cops or perform wild stunts. Or if you not in the mood to play Mr. Bad Guy then you play legal cruising. This is when you drive as a normal citizen, but I only find this fun when I'm bored. Blitz mode is when you race against time. You'll have to reach the finish line while reaching and going through every checkpoint. Checkpoint is the same as blitz, except your racing against other cars. Circuit is like checkpoint, but instead of going through the whole course once, you go through it more than once. Cops robbers is the real treat here, but can only be played online. You get to choose between a cop or robber. Both the cop and robber has the same goal in the game, and thats to grab back/steal the gold. After they've grabbed the gold, they have to race to the bank where the cop safely returns the gold, or you can hide it in your hideout. The game sounds a lot like capture the flag. This mode is very very very addictive, fun and rewarding. This mode is the reason why I've been playing this game for several months, or even couple years.

The driving physics in the game can be set by the player, and thats something I've always wanted in a racing game because I hate it when some racers are hard to turn, or some turn so easily they spin out. The game is still balanced out by what cars you choose, like some cars are still harder to turn even if you put the physics all the way down, and there only one car where when you turn, its still the same. Something that every racing game should have.

The game has some very addictive gameplay and tons of fun modes to play, it lacks the wide variety of vehicles. I mean, there only 10 vehicles in the whole game! It would be better if there was more, but this is made up by its downloadable content. You able to download tons of cars that were created by fans of the game, and there atleast over 1000 cars and vehicles flying around the net. But 90% of the cars are as good and realistic as the cars found in the game, but if you not looking for that, you can find alien ships, tanks, ambulances, firetrucks, Dodge Vipers, Lambroghini Diablos, Ferrari F50 and a thousand more. Whats special about the default cars that Microsoft made themselves is that they are all fast cars thats purpose is to race. There actually more to it than that.

Midtown Madness is pure racing, but rather concentrates more on fun. So you'll be able to drive vehicles like City Buses, Freightliner Century Trucks, and Ford F350. These heavy weight trucks adds to more gameplay possibilities like I made up a mode of my own like heavy car mode, where you only allowed to use heavy weighted cars like monster trucks, tanks, century trucks, stuff like that. It so fun doing this.

The music in the game is just yuck to me. I personally hate techno, but I have to listen to it I want to because Microsoft added a CD player to the game that can be activated during the game. The controls to how to use the CD player can be found around the menu and configuration controls. And what I find neat is that I can take out the disc anytime I want and insert my audio CD to do it incase some of you are wondering.

The sounds of the game are awesome to those that are fans of demolition derbies. When I slam into another car, I love the crashing sound, its just so cool. And sometimes when I drive manually, I have to look at the HUD to shift up because I'm familiar with the engine noises. Also, the guy that narrates the game has an awesome voice. One of my favourite narrarators of all time because of that cool voice. I remember the first time I heard it, he said ''Welcome to Microsoft Midtown Madness: Chicago Edition''.

System Requirement

Processor= 400MHz
RAM= 128MB
Graphics Card= 32MB

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