Friday, July 26, 2013

NowSmart Audio Recording Software setup and patch July 2013

Description :

NowSmart Software

NowSmart Audio Record Wizard

This audio recorder software works directly with your sound card, so you
can record any sound or music at near-perfect quality, then save to MP3,
OGG, WAV, or FLAC files. It is easy to record sound from a microphone, a
cassette tape player, or an LP player. You can also use the recording
audio software to record music from almost any Windows application,
including Youtube, Real Player, iTunes and many more.

Audio Record Wizard can be used as:
Record Sound from Computer
Streaming Audio Recorder
Voice Recording Software
Radio Recorder
Record YouTube Audio

NowSmart Cut

NowSmart Cut is a handy and reliable utility designed to create your
very own ringtone for iPhone.

NowSmart Cut is a Ringtone Maker software that lets you cut clips out
of audio files, and extract audio clips from video files. Unlike
complicated audio software that requires you to understand audio
recording technology, this ring tone maker software features an
intuitive interface and a simple workflow.

With our audio recording software, Audio Record Wizard, you will be able
to record audio from games or online media content, then using this
ringtone software to create ringtones from these special recordings.

NowSmart Talkin

NowSmart Talkin is an easy to use sound recorder software, which is
designed for Windows 7 and later version. The major difference between
this product and other on-market sound recorder software is that this
product can record from speaker and microphone at the same time. In
other words, NowSmart Talkin can record online conversation on the


copy crack to installed program folder and replace original file. crack
or restore batch file will automatically back up original file and copy
crack to default installation folder. runasadmin registry settings are
applied and program will start. if program has been cracked with backup
file, original file will be restored.


run batch file 'NowSmart Software Patch runasadmin' located in the
hexpatch folder. the batch file will backup original file and use
HexPatcher.exe to seek and replace registration byte pattern, program
will start when done. restore batch file will restore original files
if program has been cracked with backup file.

patch note: hexpatcher.exe was downloaded from


Release Date......: 2013/07/24
Uploader..........: 1n0n1m0s
Upstream Rate.....: 90kbps
Availability......: 24/7 to new version
Operating System..: windows x86 x64
Content Type......: computer software
Program Type......: audio recording
Crack Editor......: ollydebug
Patch Editor......: hexpatcher
Patch Type........: crack
Patch Type........: seek and replace patch
Image Editor......: photoshop elements 7 ESD
Icon Editor.......: icofx
NFO Editor........: notepad, nfopad
NFO Font..........: courier new, reg, 8
NFO Encoding......: utf-8
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Text Size (DPI)...: 125%

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